Various seasonal events are held all through the year at Saiken-ji Temple. They will give you a chance to think again about the ancestors, Buddha, and yourselves.

Batou Kannon Festival (Horse Head Kannon Festival) (March)

Batou Kannon Festival is a Buddhist service to pray for exorcism, safety drive, children's happy growth and well-being of the family. It's held as Hatsuuma-taisai Festival on the 1st Saturday and Sunday of March every year. "Jouba kitou" (horse-riding prayer) for the purpose of expelling evil spirits, offering of votive horse tablets, selling local specialty "Yakujo-emagashi" at stalls --- these are very popular and rooted in the area.



 1. 布施波羅蜜(金銭や物品だけでなく、精神的な安定や仏教の教え説く)
 2. 持戒波羅蜜(無益な殺生、盗み、嘘をつかない戒律を守ることによって生活を純化する)
 3. 忍辱波羅蜜(我慢する、耐える、怒りの心を起さない、穏やかな寛容な心を養う)
 4. 精進波羅蜜(辛抱強く根気よく、目的に向っての努力を、たゆむことなく続ける)
 5. 禅定波羅蜜(静かに座禅をして、身体、呼吸、意の三つを調へる。(身、口、意))
 6. 智慧波羅蜜(般若とも云う、これまでの五つの項目を実践することによって得られる。此岸から彼岸に渡るための智慧で、思考によっては得られないもの)

Moon Viewing Party (October)

On one autumn night, "Saiken-ji Moon-viewing Party" is held to enjoy a full moon and beautiful music. Different kinds of concert have been given every year, such as "A shinobue bamboo flute concert", "A Jazz night with Tomomi Imaoka", "A night with the moon, a bamboo flute and songs" "Pipe organ and chorus" and "A flute concert". Saiken-ji Temple will plan various moon-viewing concerts so that visitors can feel relaxed and comfortable.

Seasonal Events at Saiken-ji Temple


New year's prayer and reciting of sutras: ascetic practices in cold weather


Memorial service for Shakamuni-butsu (the eternal life of the Buddha) (15th)


Batou-kannon festival (1st Saturday and Sunday): Spring memorial service (Vernal equinox day)


Buddha's birthday festival: Start of the Kouboudaishi mountaineering season: Cherry-blossom-viewing Party


Main gate grand Sejikie memorial service: Bon memorial service


Bon memorial service




Moon-viewing party: Shinojima-inari shrine grand festival: Requiem service for dead fish and birds: Requiem service for broken knives


Rouhatsu-sesshin (Intensive Zen meditation training) (December 5th to 8th): New Year's bell ringing (It starts at 23:45 on December 31st)
Why don't you come to ring a bell?

● 毎月19日 十九念仏(観音祭)



Access by public transportation

Take an Entetsu bus for Irino (Yamasaki or Maisaka) at JR Hamamatsu Station bus terminal #5. Get off the bus at "Nishikamoe" or "Saiken-ji Iriguchi". 7-minutes' walk from here.

Access by a car

From Tokyo or Osaka

Enter Route 65 (Yuutou Highway) from Tomei Expressway "Hamamatsu Nishi" Interchange. Turn right at "Nishikamoe" and turn left at the next corner. Go up the slope till you find Seitodai Elementary School. The temple is next to the school on the north. 10-minutes' drive from "Hamamatsu Nishi" Interchange.

From Hamamatsu

Enter Route 65 (Yuutou Highway) via Route 152 and Route 62 (Yuutou Bypass).
About 25-minutes' drive from Hamamatsu Station.

Phone Number : 053-447-7000