Invitation to Zen Meditation

"Zen meditation means concentrating solely on meditation and is the only way to save oneself." Dougen Zenji, the founder of Eihei-ji Temple of Soto School said, "The teaching of the founder of Buddhism can be realized only by meditating intensively. It's definitely necessary to have a strong will to achieve enlightenment. It's not important whether you are a priest or not. Those who deeply know right from wrong might come to attain enlightenment naturally. Each person should make sure that they are practicing the right training in the same way as Buddha and the founder performed and that they know the truth from falsehood."

What is "座禅" (Zen meditation)?

The Chinese character "禅" is composed of two parts "示" and "単". "示" means "show" and "単" means "one". So the combination "禅" means "to unite" or "unity", which shows there is no distance between the self and things. It shows the fact that Buddha emancipated himself from all worldly desires and worries when he saw the morning star.
Zen meditation is a training to pursue unity or oneness. We try to convey the teaching of Zen meditation to you at Saiken-ji Temple

Information on "Zen Meditation Meeting"

19:00 to 21:30 Every Monday (Beginners are requested to come 20 minutes before the meeting.)

Anyone is welcome to the meditation. Please wear loose-fitting clothes. We will explain how to do the meditation at the meeting, so please don't worry and feel relaxed. Courses such as meditation, reciting sutras, work and private interview with a Zen Master are offered. Various kinds of training are also available. Please feel free to contact us and ask for any information.




Access by public transportation

Take an Entetsu bus for Irino (Yamasaki or Maisaka) at JR Hamamatsu Station bus terminal #5. Get off the bus at "Nishikamoe" or "Saiken-ji Iriguchi". 7-minutes' walk from here.

Access by a car

From Tokyo or Osaka

Enter Route 65 (Yuutou Highway) from Tomei Expressway "Hamamatsu Nishi" Interchange. Turn right at "Nishikamoe" and turn left at the next corner. Go up the slope till you find Seitodai Elementary School. The temple is next to the school on the north. 10-minutes' drive from "Hamamatsu Nishi" Interchange.

From Hamamatsu

Enter Route 65 (Yuutou Highway) via Route 152 and Route 62 (Yuutou Bypass).
About 25-minutes' drive from Hamamatsu Station.

Phone Number : 053-447-7000