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"Horticulture Therapy and Zen"

In "Horticulture Therapy and Zen Association"
People who have anxiety or worries about life, those who feel stress,
For people who need rehabilitation, those who are interested in health, gardeners, etc.
We help you get healthy both physically and mentally through gardening therapy and Zen.

What is horticultural therapy?

Horticultural therapy is a phytotherapy, which has been practiced for a long time in the United States and Europe. For example, all actions related to horticulture such as sowing, watering, weeding, harvesting and processing stimulate the five senses, thereby preventing mental health and quality of life (QOL) such as preventing dementia, reducing stress, and expanding the range of motion of the body. It has been reported that improvement is seen. Based on such phytotherapy, horticultural therapy and Zen society are doing various activities.

Main activities

  • Gardening therapy in the integrated health garden "Ima-Koko" and Zazen teaching in Saikenji Zazen-do
  • Garden therapy on a business trip to a nursing facility
  • Next-generation integrated healthcare experience tour

Representative profile

Maiko Inoue

Doctor of Agriculture. When I went to the United States for molecular genetics research, I met horticultural therapy and was impressed by its effectiveness in reducing human depression. After returning to Japan, he felt the possibility of combining horticultural therapy in Japan with Zen, which has been attracting attention all over the world. In 2015, he established “Horticulture Therapy and Zen Association”.

"Horticulture Therapy and Zen Association"
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