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Invitation to Zen Meditation

"Zen" is written as "indicating simpleness." Demonstrating simply means one with one,
There is no distance from the object, and Buddha looks at the dawn star and seems to have lost his body.
Zazen is a unity of training. Zazen is zazen, and at Saikenji, such teachings are conveyed.

Zazen sits intently.
Save yourself
It is the only way.

A former Zen priest at Sotoshu Eiheiji Temple said, "I will zazen and certify the streets of the Buddhist ancestors. It is often the case that people who believe in nature and who live in the right way (training) in line with the way Buddhas and priests practiced (engi-en law) are often "true." It is necessary to know "false".

Guidance of

Every Monday from 7pm to 9:30 pm

(Please contact us for the first time)

Anyone can participate freely. The clothes should be spacious.
Please be assured that the manners etc.
will be explained in detail when you come to the mountain.

・ There are zazen, advocacy, operation, and self-help.
・ We accept various trainings. Please feel free to contact us.

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