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Entsusan Saikenji

Entsusan Saikenji is a Soto sect Zen temple and training center for the practice of the Buddha Way in order to abandon the world of ego and self-centered thinking in the pursuit of peace of mind and awakening to an existence free from all conflict and strife.


About Us

The temple name “Saikenji” has the meaning of a temple where you can see or meet (see) the west, which is said to have paradise Jodo.

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Guide in Saikenji

We hope that everybody who visits, including Danish believers, will have peace of mind, and we have built a pagoda, funeral tombs, and various other facilities.

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Seasonal Events

Saikenji holds various meetings throughout the seasons, hoping to be an important opportunity to look at ancestors, Buddhas, and yourself.

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Invitation to Zen Meditation

Zazen is “becoming one” with everything in the world. And it is the best way to save yourself. Saikenji tells such teachings.

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