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This temple was founded in 1480 in Terashima Village, Enshu Site District as Manmokusan Saikenji Temple.
After that, the temple name was changed to Heikyosan, and it was in Hamamatsu-juku Hirata (currently Hirata-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi) until recently. The temple was relocated to the site of the ancient temple of Entsusan Kagakuin, and a new lantern was turned on as Entsusan Saikenji.

The name of the temple, Entsusan, is derived from the sacred Kanzeon Bosatsu of Enkon, which has versatility in everything. Also, the name of the temple, Saikenji, means that the temple where you can constantly see or see (encounter) the west where it is said that India and the paradise of the Buddha are born.

In recent years, he has been conducting zen instruction in Greece twice a year. In Greece, the number of worshipers has increased year by year, and the temple has several Greek disciples.
The temple has been holding a Sanzen-kai from 19:00 every Monday. There is also zazen instruction by priests. Anyone can participate, so please feel free to contact us. In addition, we accept reception of sutras. Please also apply here.