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Seasonal Events

At Saikenji, you can watch your ancestors, Buddha, and yourself.
We hold various meetings throughout the four seasons,
hoping to be an important opportunity.

Horse head Kannon Grand FestivalMarch

It is an annual Buddhist ceremony that prays for the fulfillment of prayers such as Praying for evil, traffic safety, eradication of children, and home safety held every March on the first Saturday and Sunday of March.
It has been established as a local specialty event, such as the riding prayer that prays for evil evil on horseback, the votive of ema, and the opening of the specialty Evil ema candy.

Equinoctial weekMarch/September

In Buddhism, the middle way is important. In the equinox and autumn equinox days, there is no bias toward day and night. The sun leaves from the east and sinks to the west, which is just the middle way. At that time, we formed the Higashikai, and our ancestors and the things we are living now, the Buddha and the goddess. It is also said to be a period of training to enter the equinoctial world (the world of enlightenment) under the teaching of Rokuharamitsu, where Buddhist cultivation is conducted to nurture the spirit of matching.

Moon-viewing party
to enjoy the moon and songs

Enjoy the beautiful music along with the famous moon on the night of Autumn at Saikenji Temple Moon-viewing Party. Until now, the festival has been held with different tastes each year, including Shinobue Concert, Tomomi Imaoka and Jazz Evening, Moon, Whistle and Song Evening, Pipe Organ and Chorus, and Flute Concert.
Saikenji is planning various events for the purpose of healing.

Events of
various seasons

  • January

    New Year Prayer Principle / New Year Prayer Prayer Principle: This is the New Year Prayer Prayer Principle. It is a memorial service by many monks.

  • February

    Shakyamuni Buddha Reclining Party (15th)

  • March

    Horse head Kannon Grand Festival at Noon (1st Saturday and Sunday) / Spring equinoctial week (Spring equinox day)

  • April

    Flower Festival (8th): Buddha\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s birthday. We worship Hanamido in front of the main hall. / Kobo Daishiyama Open

  • July

    Sanmon University Food Festival / Bon Festival (16th)

  • September

    Autumn Higankai Legal Bulletin

  • October

    Moon-viewing party / Shinoshima Inari Festival / Fish and bird memorial service, kitchen knife memorial service

  • December

    Chahachi Setsushinkai (1-5 days) / Night bell (23:45 on 31st): Everyone, please go out with a bell.