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Guide in Saikenji

We hope that everybody who visits,
including Danish believers, will have a peace of mind.


It has a total of 48 “Tan”, both inside and outside, and enshrines a monk-shaped Monju Bosatsu in the center. Every Monday we hold a "Sanzen-kai" where anyone can participate freely. Also, in early December every year, we hold a five-day zazen training session, the "Lahachi Setsushinkai."


In 1850, Prince Wei, a member of the Ryukyu Embassy of Thanksgiving, was on his way to Tokyo to give a gift to Shogun Tokugawa, and died in Hamamatsu-juku. The tomb is still enshrined as Ryukyuzuka because it was buried in Saikenji Temple. Many people come from Okinawa to visit.

Eternal memorial tower

In 2002 (2002), a 13-year-old pagoda "Eternal memorial tower" was erected in front of the entrance of the graveyard for Danish believers who could not worship individual tombs. In addition, in 2010 (2010), we established "Eternal Kuyo-do" to eternally ancestor ancestors. Please contact Saikenji Temple if you wish.

Wood funeral tomb

"Open the Jimon, a place where the depths of green are deep."
In the nature that is full of greenery, everyone has a peace of mind and has a place to relax slowly. Now it's a wonderful grave where you can thank the dead, listen to their voices and join hands.
Like the wood funeral tombs, the Sainenji cemetery is also surrounded by greenery, allowing you to remember your ancestors as much as you can. Please take a look once.


Prosperity of business and fulfillment of spiritual wishes We accept prayer flags.

The horse head Kannon-do

Kannon who eats his annoyance. The horse head Kannon opening is in the afternoon, once every 12 years.


Buddha of Wisdom.

Ease Jizo

We accept bones for pets.


We worship Kobo Daishi. We accept prayer flags.

Mizuko Kannon-do

We will provide water children.

Belfry gate

There is a temple bell on the second floor of the main gate. Every night from 23:45 on December 31, the bell of night elimination is falling. Everyone is at your disposal. Please go out by all means.